I would like to run Xojo 2023 Release 1.1 but i don't know how to

I downloaded it and it appears in my applications folder, but when opening a project, the ide still shows version 2022 release 4.1.
Can you please tell me what i am missing ?

You can drag/drop the .xojo_project file onto the app icon, you can put the new version in the Dock and open it from there, etc etc.

It comes nested within a folder. So check your applications folder for the new version number of Xojo.

If you’re on windows, it’s possible that the previous version is still running in the tray.

It is OKay now, thank you

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I assume he double clicked a project file and the “old” Xojo version was still associated to Xojo Project Files. :wink:

He have to remove that application using Windows mechanism…