I Wish I Knew How To... Program Excel with Xojo in Windows

Excel is well-known in the business world for spreadsheets and math. Did you know that 73-year old Tatsuo Horiuchi uses the autoshape tool to create very impressive artwork! (http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/7-fun-weird-things-can-create-microsoft-excel/)

I Wish I Knew How To… Program Excel with Xojo in Windows has been updated to help you use the power of both Xojo and Microsoft Excel.

Excel has many features and options to fine-tune displayed data and has many powerful functions. This book provide many examples and describe each step along the way.

-Allows you to either write your own code or run the existing examples
-Over 90 Examples
-More than 210 pages of explanations and code
-A full index and table of contents which works like a reference book
-This book provides working examples with many options to customize the look and feel of data in Excel.

What you will learn from this book:
-Introduction to Xojo and the environment
-Creating, accessing, and saving an Excel file
-Getting, Changing, and modifying cell data
-Showing your data in charts
-Properties and files in Excel
-Printing in Excel
-Pivot table analysis
-Find and replace
-…and more

New to Version 2.1 – October 2014

  1.  Select and save picture as PDF (Example 10-9)
  2.  Save a picture as a jpg (Example 10-10)
  3.  Office plugin instructions
  4.  Add Pie Chart (Example 4-11)
  5.  Add ApplyDataLabels parameters and constants
  6.  Make a sheet active for editing
  7.  Testing for nil (NULL)
  8.  Closing all open workbooks (Example 2-8)
  9.  Reading a text date (Example 3-16)
  10. Sorting multiple columns (Example 3-17)
  11. Added Web Report example (Other-4)
  12. Sort individual columns (Example 3-18)
  13. Advanced Sorting (Example 3-19)

New to Version 2.2 - September 2015

  1.  Get Access data and put into Excel (Example 11-1)
  2.  Put lots of data quickly into Excel (Example 12-2)
  3.  Get lots of data from Excel and put into an array (Example 12-3)

Feel free to view the Table of Contents which includes a glimpse of one of the many topics in the book which is available on http://scispec.ca under the heading books. This book can be purchased at http://great-white-software.com/rblibrary/ where many great resources are available.