I wish I Knew How To … Begin Programming Xojo Web

I wish I Knew How To … Begin Programming Xojo Web is an introductory book for both a Xojo and Web programmer. Topics are at an introductory level and is not focused on intermediate or advanced topics. Here are some of the many topics discussed:

  •      SSL
  •      Maps
  •      Styles
  •      Cookies
  •      Sessions
  •      Data types
  •      Screen sizes
  •      Error handling
  •      Object introduction
  •      Comparing (If-End)
  •      SQLite database integration (CRUD)
  •      An example of a dynamic blog with login
  •      And more…

Programs were written with Xojo 2014 r2.1 for Windows, OS X, and Ubuntu (32 bit) operating systems. There are over 290 pages covering 18 chapters and over 70 example programs. The Table of Contents can be downloaded at the authors website (http://www.scispec.ca/index.php/books). This book can be purchased at http://great-white-software.com/rblibrary/ where many great resources are available.

ISBN: 978-1-927924-07-5

What was not covered: 1) Sockets 2) how to setup an apache server, 3) intermediate or advanced topics