I want to sea international edit box of xojo

Anybody can compile an exe with only simple edit box that show me “Right to Left” edit properties for my language arabic

can you share your non-working project ?
What OS are-you running?
What language is it set to ?

I have not xojo,
In windows all versions, iOS (and android in the future), for my company policy decision, want to see is Xojo (“multiline edit box” and other components) compatible with international especial “right to left” languages completely.


but you can download xojo for free, try it for yourself just add a textbox in a window on a new empty project
run it, and see if you can type your language inside ?
don’t forget to align the text right for languages that needs it.

from the link above, it seems that xojo handles it just fine (under macos and windows)
I don’t speak chinese or arabic, so I can’t confirm it…

Mac? Windows?

I know we have Xojo developers doing Arabic as I got questions for that on our DynaPDF Plugin.

On Mac Xojo uses cocoa controls which do right to left fine.