I want to know how to do dynamic allocation.

I want to know how to do dynamic allocation.

	dim html(10) As  HTMLViewer
	for i = 1 to 10
			html(i) = new HTMLViewer
	html(1).top = 5
	html(1).left = 5
	html(1).Parent  = HTMLViewer1
	html(1).Visible = true

Look up Control Set in the user’s guide (You won’t find it in the Language Reference).

I was looking at this yesterday.

User Guide Book 2: User Interface Page 107

or here for the web version


You’ll get an OutOfBounds exeption with this code.

Look up arrays for more info.

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[quote=310724:@Markus Winter]You’ll get an OutOfBounds exeption with this code.
How so? Dim html(10) creates an array with 11 elements, 0-10.

I am grateful for your knowledge.
I did not get the results I wanted when I did it.
I would appreciate it if you give me a sample sentence.


I am very grateful for your example.
I answered the example I wanted properly.