I want license only for Windows

I want license only for Windows. Will be possible?


Why? In Romania are a few MAC users.

Let’s use an example:

There’s a bakery in your town. It sells bread. It’s its business to sell bread.
You go there and ask for ham. They don’t have ham.
You complain and say: “Why? There are few butchers in my town.”

The bakery decided to be in the business to sell bread.
Xojo decided to be in the business of selling cross platform development tools.


If you want Windows only, why not try Visual Basic Express? Last I’ve heard it’s free as in beer!


Windows only license for a cross platform RAD looooool


What do you hope to gain with a Windows only license? You can of course purchase a license and use it only on Windows if you’d like.

I live in Romania not USA. Gross average wage is 650 $.

OK put it in that way: with Xojo you get the Mac and Linux building features at the same price (more or less) of RealStudio Windows only target license.

Then if you can’t afford it because of Romania low wages, I’m sorry, but you can follow the Sebastian advice and get VB Express for free.


Your reason for asking is understandable. The cost versus your revenue is a real issue. That said, let’s look at it from a different point of view: Xojo will let you work in your Windows environment, but will let you compile your apps for Windows, Linux, Mac. Your potential market is that much larger, as is your potential revenue from the app. And where cost is an issue, I would expect a larger Linux market share - an other reason to want to use XOJO.

Now, if you want a free Windows only tool, I suggest that you try to find an iso of VB 2010 express. It was pretty complete, and free of charge. And it is Windows only. I do not recommend the 2013 version, which Microsoft amputated from many useful features compared to the 2010 version. (in my humble opinion. Everyone is free to disagree.)

That said, I prefer paying for XOJO than using the free VB 2010 Express I just mentioned, for the market opportunities I mentioned earlier.

Hope this helps.


You’re right, Louis. Thanks.
Anyway I do not want free, but neither enterprise version.


My guess is that you are comfortable with the ‘basic’ programming language/syntax.

In addition to using realstudio/xojo on a few rare occasions I have used thinbasic. This may be something you could look at?


You can build standalone binary exe bundle’s and it is free.

No, I want RAD tool for databases (My SQL) with less or no manual coding, who generates forms and reports.

Then I would also say your best bet would be VB 2010 Express


I said “with less or no manual coding”?

I’d also say - as I did say above - try VB 2010 Express then.

Xojo requires manual coding for forms and reports and databases, too.

And VB 2010 do not requires manual coding?

You might even want to consider something like FileMaker instead: http://www.filemaker.com

Filemaker is too expensive.

ScriptCase is good for databases but is limited.