I still use Real Studio 2011 R4.3 today

I never use Xojo. The only reason is that Xojo’s products are TOO LARGE in size.

Are there developers like me in this forum? I want to know it. Thanks.


I have a project where I used Realbasic 2008r3 to get the exe file without DLLs.

Sure. RB2007r4 is still my favorite version (same reason as Christian)

and latest 17.5 plugins still run on Realbasic 2016r4. Try it!

I still support and use 2011r4, I use both, xojo and realStudio IDE but I think I’m more productive with realStudio.

I’m still using 2010 r4. It does what I need.

Maybe in the year 2026, I’ll be saying 2016R3 has served me well.

Me too - I use 2011 R3 for that purpose - as long as you don’t use certain UI features (BevelButton…) it will make a single-file EXE.

In my macOS dock are: 2011r3, 2012r2.1, 2013r3.3, 2015r2.1, and 2017r2.1.

I will probably remove 2011r3 and 2015r2.1 soon.