I still doesn't get the IDE behavior with vcp files

I’m porting a small project ( 1 class and 2 windows ) from Real Studio 2012r2.1 to Xojo 2013r3.3.
To do so, I opened the original .rbvcp project in Xojo and save it in a brand new Git repository as a .xojo_project. Then I made a few modifications to the external Read Me and License files and update some versioning properties, changes that show up the project file in the Git commit. After that, I I decided to work on one of the window, where I modified a String constant, add another constant and change a single line of code.
After saving, I can see that there were modifications in other places in the window file.The window contains 4 controls: 3 Labels and 1 canvas.
The IDE added 3 lines like this to every Label in the window:

+ TabStop = True
and changes 4 line as following:

[code]- Scope = 2

  •  Scope           =   "2"[/code]

I have another project that I’d like to port to Xojo that contains around 50 windows.
Will I have to open every window one by one, make it dirty with an insignificant change, save it and process the next window the same way?
Is there a way to avoid this tedious process?

We’ve fixed some more issues with this behavior in the next release

Then I’ll wait for the next release.