I show you my 2 preferred fonts to code

“Hack font” --> https://github.com/source-foundry/Hack
“Ubuntu font” --> http://font.ubuntu.com
if you want you can share your preferred font

Any fixed font will do.

I like Droid Sans (google font, can be downloaded)

Adobe source code pro

Boy, I am lost today. I use Source Code Pro in general. Droid Sans is a completely different thing.

Thought I’d add a few of my favourites here too.

PT Mono:

Input Mono:

SF Mono:
This is the standard Xcode font. It’s already on newer Macs, but doesn’t appear in Font lists. Here’s a link to remedy that:


I’m okay with any fixed width serif font. I generally use Courier. I have better things to do than destroy my eyes trying to read pages of sans serif text. Sans serif fonts are intended for headings, not body text.


This piqued my interest. Haven’t used a mono serif since Turbo C! Found a font called ‘Verily Mono’ and I’m trying it out now. Looks much better than I thought it would. (https://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/verily-serif-mono)

great! i will try all those fonts!

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