I’s there a way to bring a Raspi Xojo binary into a arduino

with Xojo I can write apps for Raspis.
But would it be possible, to compile code for a Raspi, test it and then use this binary ( nongui), for a arduino (maybe with other compile / link settings in the makefike).

Why : for Arduino I need to program in C, and have to use another IDE.

So I could use XOJO as the Swiss Army knife for almost everything.

BR Rainer

You can use whatever little linux computer you like as long as it has either Intel x86 32/64-bit or can run 32-bit ARMv7 software.

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Ahhhhh, thank you… Now I have to find out , how to download it into the arduino…

Thanks a lot


So if your Arduino does use a ARMv7 compatible CPU and runs a compatible linux with the required libraries, a Xojo app may launch.
Best may be to build a simple console app and copy it over to run it via terminal.

sorry no false hope.
the arduino is an avr microcontroler, far far away from any computer board capable of running a linux os. the arduino is much much more close to the processor chip and its I/O pins than a Pi or a PC.

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Thx, My ideas was, to have a binary, change makefile and push this binary (hexfile) into the arduino…

So I could use XOJO instead of C.

Currently I use visual studio code with the Platformio plugin.

BR Rainer

xojo does not compile for AVR…

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Short answer NO.

Arduino is just a microcontroller, You cant have “apps” running on it. and there is currently no way to program it with Xojo. If you dont like the C languaje, there are BASIC like options

Ok… C here I come again…

If you want to stick with the BASIC programming language for Arduino (which Xojo doesn’t support currently), there are several variants which supports Arduino. One of them is Great Cow BASIC.

Use Xojo for Pi, Great Cow for Arduino. All based on BASIC.

You could still use a knife, although its a little bit different :grinning:
And not having to use a scissor.

I think you should use C/C++ to program and Arduino board. There are zillion of code snippets in C and it’s the best way to succeed. Trying to convert C code to Basic IMHO will need much more time and as a bonus strange issues.

thank you all…
Its not about Basic, C or…
It’s about having a central architecture ,maybe with abstraction layers, and maybe common libs, unit tests,…

But: If I can do it with Great Cow and other Basic like options, what has to be done, to do it with XOJO.
Arduino has a CLI, and other tools call the Arduino EXÉ.

Its also about promoting XOJO…

And getting some ideas what to do with Xojo and ARM boxes next year as I have time for topics like this.

BR Rainer

Hi, this cow is really great and even enables visual programming…
Thx for the link

here are some others.


scratch is coding with blocks.

arduino online ide with a browser plugin

and btw if you use arduino ide at pc it organize multiple files in tabs

Danke Markus, hab auch schon einige Videos dazu gefunden…
Manche von den Tools sind kostenpflichtig…
Man muß halt wieder auf vielen Hochzeiten tanzen, wenn man sich auf das Thema einlässt.
Daher mein Ansatz, nur eines, aufräumen und ggf. Architekturen mit Abstraction Layer bauen…
Für Arduino gibts auch CLI das dann Arduino.exe aufruft…
Bin halt zu verwöhnt : siehe mein Linkend In CV.

BR /Rainer

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Hallo Markus,
wusste gar nicht das es sowas (Makeblock) auch für Arduino gibt. Da weis man, was man tut, und man hat eine Doku.

Viele Grüße Rainer

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