I read the (macrumors.com) news today oh boy (and girl)

Says all. Someone installed that on his M1/M2 ?

Registration required. Valid cookies before filling the form… :ukraine:

this already works with parallels… nothing really new ?

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Yes, but VMWare has some differences.

So I assume I’ll try VMWare in the next months.
Especially with Windows.

You can download the beta for free right now …

I loved VMWare Fusion for Intel. But I downloaded the beta, and was never able to locate any Windows ISO for arm.
Move on.

Doh !

Even on Microsoft web site ?
(like Windows 10 ?)

And:Windows Insider Preview Downloads

I’m not a member, so I can’t go on…

or there:


The insider preview requires to use a Windows program to generate the ISO.

Same punishment for the second link.

I don’t really need Windows emulation on my M1 Mac Mini anyway, since I also have a PC on my desk. And on the Intel MacBook, VMWare Fusion works perfectly when I am on the road.

Yet another reason to keep an Intel architecture for Windows and Linux compatibility.

I saw your subject line right after I woke up, got out of bed, and dragged a comb across my head.

This was welcome news when I saw it yesterday. As an existing Fusion customer, with an eye now toward building my projects for Windows ARM, I dove right in.

Yes, I’ve read about it being easier with Parallels—but even I could do it. :slight_smile:


2022r2 ARM64 for Windows The ability to build ARM64 apps for Windows.

Some time back, I added code to my registration system to tell me what architecture my customers are using.
Since then, I find that not a single one of them is using an Arm windows machine.
Admittedly, this is so far, and I do expect to see more Arm devices in the future.
But I feel little pressure to cater for Arm-specific builds just yet.

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No pressure, just “because I can.” :slight_smile:

That’s sort of how I approached Linux support, but those users, while scant, are now more than zero.

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What was wrong with using parallels Desktop?

Just wondering as i have not used Fusion

Nothing whatsoever. I just happen to be invested in Fusion, and am familiar with it. If anything, I figured that I already have enough rentware.

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I do not like Parallels because of their hard subscription model. (And possible Russian ties as well)

I was able to convert my Parallels Win 11 ARM VM to Fusion though I am not sure Fusion is ready.


I8 am downloading the Intel Windows 11 (5.2GB…). But there is two buttons to skip until we can see the “Download the .iso” button. I nearly left the page until I go down to display the page bottom…

Sadly VMWare may got to subscription, too.
I read that in the announcement of the company buying them, that they want to increase revenue with going to subscriptions. :frowning:

Oh yuck ! thanks for the tip, I am grabbing latest ESXi asap just in case !!!

(And I hope your trip is going well !)

FWW you can buy a one time fee license for Parallels Desktop too (no subscription). I did


Same here, I bought a license about 2 months ago and it was permanent not a subscription

The perpetual license at Parallels Desktop is severely limited sadly.