I Purchased a License but still can't build app


I need help from anyone who can help me resolve this issue
I purchased a XOJO Lite Mac license I sign in but every time I try to build my app
I get: “You need a build license in order to build this project. Would you like to purchase one ?”

I don’t under stand this, is there a direct phone number that I can use to talk to a real person about this?


Do you ONLY have mac desktop build settings checked?
or do you have Windows// linux ticked too?

Did you make sure you activated the licence and it is attached to the computer [License Keys under the Xojo Menu item]

Go to xojo.com
Log in
Go to your account
Go to your licenses
Download your license file
Doublexclick the licence file to open it in Xojo

Btw WHEN did you buy the license, and which Xojo version are you using?

Because you have a Lite Mac license, make sure you only have a check mark on ‘This Computer’ and/or ‘macOS’.

If you have Windows or Linux also checked, then the program will say that you need a build license:

If there are no check marks there, then the ‘Build’ icon will be grayed out.

ETA: This info is same as Jeff’s, just with a visual help.

Thanks to all who have replied checking…

My heart felt thanks to all who replied so quickly!

Great support here!

@Dave S
@Markus Winter

My license was not activated
I download the license per Markus directives

alls well


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How ?

got it I think

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5 years after the first Xojo release ?

This means there is a lack in the buy process (a missing explanation). I highlighted that… 5 years ago :frowning: