I need some StoreKit (in app purchase) beta testers

I’m nearly done implementing the StoreKit classes to offer In App Purchases in iOS, and I need a few people to act as beta testers to try them out and make sure that they work as expected before I add them to iOSKit. The only requirement is that you have an iOS License so that you can compile and test on a device (as far as I can tell it doesn’t work in the simulator) and that you have enough experience with iTunes Connect/Member Center to create IAP products. If you are interested in becoming a beta tester for the classes please reply, I’ll distribute them in a PM tomorrow.


My app Elementary Letters can profit from IAP to entice users at buying additional fonts, that is the reason I am interested. This will require first implementing a sensible IAP offer in the app, then have it go through the App Store to finally test if it works. It cannot be a quick test, so you cannot expect instant feedback and will have to bear with me.

Please count me in, I do intend to go through with IAP.

Is anyone else interested in testing? Just to clear up any possible confusion, you do NOT need to have your app approved and reviewed for the App Store in order to test IAP, you simply have to create the app in iTunes Connect then create the products for it you would like to test (it takes about 5 minutes to set all this up if you haven’t already). That’s it.

I’m currently working on an app that I plan to use IAP in at some point, but it’s not far along enough yet. I might be ready to do some IAP stuff with it in a few weeks.

Ok great. Hopefully by that time I’ll have released it in an update after we can confirm that it works as expected :slight_smile:

Hello Jason. If you want someone else. Count on me. I’m very interesting about testing this.

Ok great. I’ll PM you in a few minutes.

Hi Jason, me too. Not sure how I missed this thread previously. I have apps that use StoreKit (via Obj-C), would love to test via Xojo :slight_smile:

PMs sent. Right now there are 4 testers. If anyone else is interested please let me know in this thread or a PM.


I’m highly interested and have a use for it. I’d need some info how to test it though…

Can Help you :slight_smile: ?

Hi Jason,

Any possibility to help and implement StoreKit in MAS applications ?
Thanks for all your investment in connecting Xojo to the rest of MacOS/iOS environment and objects !

@Valdemar De SOUSA and @Hal Gumbert PMs sent.

@Franck Perez I haven’t used StoreKit in the MAS so I’m not sure. I believe that the Foundation and StoreKit modules should work on both iOS and OSX but I haven’t tested that. I don’t plan to port iOSKit to OSX because there is already MacOSLib there and many of the things in iOSKit are iOS specific. If you really want to try StoreKit on OSX send me a PM and I’ll give you a copy of the module but I don’t think I’ll be of much help since I have no experience with it there. Also if your project on OSX uses MacOSLib there will be some serious compatibility issues with the Foundation module and I’m not sure you will be able to make it work regardless. If you have MBS plugins I believe they have StoreKit classes which will work on OSX.

Thanks Jason. I do not have and app ready to make use of IAP. Just planing. As I have an MBS licence, I should have a look and figure out how to test it before releasing anything…