I love Windows

“To update your Windows, you must first install an update to Windows Update”

Whatever you say!

And my last “Windows 10 update” was bigger in size then the initial installation.

My Windows 10 download was not even authorized! It downloaded itself and now sits on my machines, ‘just in case’ I decide to install it.

A friend lives in the boonies and uses a 4G data card. His 6GB monthly allowance was blasted away by the unrequested download of Windows 10. He paid in overages for something he didn’t even want.

Joost, what you describe is a new build. Note the number at the bottom right of the screen, For instance during beta preview it started at 9841, then when it was released the build was 11040 or so. The update takes the room of a new install, and takes forever to complete. Then when you enter your password, it says “Hi” and you again have to wait…

Recently there was a new build pushed to the public through Windows update. I can’t really remember, since as I am in the beta program I have long seen that vanish behind.

David, are you referring to the “Install Windows 10” that sits on your desktop under Windows 7 or 8.x ? It has not been downloaded yet.

I have a Win7 and a Win8.1 both showing that white color “Get windows 10” Windows icon on the taskbar. It was never auto downloaded because I want to leave these 2 PCs as they are. I don’t think any unwanted download would occur unless I click on it and proceed to update.

The official release version is 10.0.10586 (5-Mar)
The Fast Ring Insider version is 10.0.14295 (25-Mar). I have this running on a PC and Windows phone.

You can see what version of Windows 10 you are runing on your PC by opening CMD. It is on the first line at the top. Of course for the Insider, the version is on the screen.

Inded. Right click the Windows Start icon on the task bar, select “command prompt” . The following lines appear at the top of the console screen. (my laptop uses French. You will of course see your own language version)

Microsoft Windows [version 10.0.10586]
© Microsoft Corporation, 2015. Tous droits rservs

Regarding the OP’s post, I certainly appreciate the humor of the Windows message. Updates to Windows Update are however not new. The specific message mentioned by the OP apeared with Windows 7. Updates to Windows Update have however existed since Windows XP. IIRC, prior versions required the user to go to the Windows Update web site. Windows Update updates were mostly transparent to the user.

Well this POS OS has been “checking for updates” for an hour or so, no network activity, nuttin’. I’ll have to bring the DVD from work tomorrow that has most of the updates.

Yes, I realized that this was happening since it took 2 hours or so to get ready. I hate the update policy of Microsoft, because they forget to tell that they are finally trying to fix the rubbish they have overloaded you with earlier.
The same uncomfortable feeling I have with skype, on my phone as well as OSX- desktop. Owner Microsoft pushes updates every week. Sometimes you get new bugs pushed for what worked well for years, like the crash when switching to the front-camera on my Android phone.
Sometimes, when you’re feeling comfortable with what you have, it\s a good idea to just ignore updates.

I had the same behavior recently with a Windows 7 VM on Linux Mint 17.3. I lost patience after 2-3 hours. I eventually left it to do whatever overnight, and the next morning the updates were ready to be downloaded. Definitely not nice if/when you are on a schedule!

[quote=256119:@Peter Job]“To update your Windows, you must first install an update to Windows Update”

Whatever you say![/quote]
That’s Microsoft for you: Removing endless loops from their programs, and moving them to their installers.

You have no idea what insiders on the fast ring have to deal with. I must be masochistic :wink:

What I hate most is a bug I reported several times during beta, that resurfaces regularly. The machine becomes unable to eject USB hard drives. I call that relapses.