I lost two rtfd files since I installed Mojave

These files are updated everyday (if I do not forget, I append data to them: Copy/Paste from a web page from Safari into TextEdit).

I installed (on last Saturday ?) Mojave on an external HD, (one hour to wait !), and play a bit (download Firefox, Xojo 2015r1 and install them), run Disk Utilities (whatever its current name is), then shut down.

I do not recall when was the last day I appended text into those two files nor if there is more missing in action files, but when I wanted to update the files yerterday, they were no more in TextEdit / nor in my hard disk.

I booted some tens minutes ago on Mojave, made a search, but it does not found them.

The files have “Alley Oop” inside them / in their title (but a bit different).
Nota: I have other files that hold that name in their title, but they still are here. I also have plenty png file for that character.

I checked for invisibles files, but nothing. I also checked an archived folder just in case I moved them there, but no.

Emile, is it safe now to download the last release of Firefox?
At present I’m still running version 60.0.1 (64bit), since a few months ago you said that there were problems (Firefox eating disk-space). Are there particular folders affected by such space-eating bug?

the two missing files troubles are different from the Firefox report I’ve made earlier.

For some reason, the Firefox trouble disappears. I donwloaded all new version (since) at release time.

BUT: keep more that 30-40GB of Free boot disk space; below 20GB, the whole computer speed start to be slow (on a SSD !). When I had a 1TB (HD) boot disk, I used to have two volumes: 1 with 100GB (named “Boot”), and the remainding space in another volume I called “Data”. The Firefox download folder was set to the “Data” folder.

One week to wait until new Apple’s laptops…

Thank you for answering and for the advice.

You’re welcome.

Are-you up early or still awaken ?
(I’m up early)

up early, as usual.