I lost the source code

Hello to all,
I lost the source code of my project, I deleted the folder unintentionally and can not recover with other software. I know it must be impossible to retrieve the code but I have a little hope.
Any way to recover my code?


Mac or windows ? was the deleted folder on a server ? There are a lot of recovery tools to get a deleted folder back but it depends on the plattform. If you had your files on a client do not use the maschine until your recovery is done. Every time you use the device its possible that you destroy parts of your alredy deleted files. If possible mac a clone from the disk an recover from the clone.

My system is Windows. Have tried using software to recover, but not obtained success to recover the source of the project.
I deleted the folder on my system and not put the source in the host project.

Try http://www.heise.de/download/getdataback.html from runtime software this is good solution for windows. you can start searching and if it finds your files you have to buy the full version to recover. Anyway installing should not be done on the partition you wanna recover your lost data. maybe unplug your harddrive and and connect it to a different machine.



Used by forensics teams and anyone that just wants to retrieve anything that has ever been lost on a Windows System. Can retrieve files even after partition changes or formatting… even writing 0’s to your HD don’t get in it’s way :slight_smile: