I like to now realbasic 1.0

language in which it was written the first version of realbasic and who wrote
I like to now

C/C++ written by a gent named Andrew Barry

The earlier version you could refer as such is probably CrossBasic from 1998, before it even was RealBasic, back when Windows wasn’t a target but Java was (short-lived as it was). But to be able to run this you’d need to use a Macintosh Classic emulator (and the software itself, which I assume wouldn’t be easy at all).

While the basics of the language haven’t changed, enough has been added and tweaked that knowing crossbasic would be more of a trivia exercise than a practical thing.

CrossBasic wasn’t coded in Crossbasic, though. It was C/C++.


I still have the original REALbasic 1.0 documentation (user guide, language reference and other marketing stuff) on my iPad. REALbasic has been a life-changer!

I still have my CD’s :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure I have crossbasic 1 in a .cpt somewhere :expressionless:

thanks for the info