I like this forum because...

If you were giving it away for free there would be a lot of interest is suspect! :wink:

Evil people love the shadow.

There seems to be a lot of this going around. Bob can charge for his software, but I am supposed to give mine away for free (not even charging a super modest fee for the hundreds of hours I put in to it? I have been getting similar comments about by syntax printer… how I am hampering 3rd party developement of Xojo support tools… Excuse me… but just because I have a day job that pays my mortgage does not make me any less talented, or any less able and deserving to be recompensed for my efforts to add to and help this community. I have been a member here for over 8 years, and “pay my dues” to this forum by answering many more questions than I ask.

Yeah, sorry I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning…

As long as it’s the RIGHT bed its okay :wink:

I for one know that I ask many more questions than I can help others with but I try to pitch in where I think I can be of any help.
Might as well let you all know that all help I’ve gotten here is Greatly appreciated! (Note the HUGE G there ;))
If I could I would by you a beverage of your choice. Until then KUDOS!
Thank you!

Charge what you can for it. I encourage it. Ignore the people that want it for nothing or perhaps come up with an inexpensive version that does very little (i.e. just enough).

I like having two options for source code: the encrypted and unencrypted versions. If I can’t buy source code unencrypted it’s not worth it for me. I’ve seen too many developers go by the wayside. At least if I have the source I can continue to use and modify it as Xojo and OS requirements change. There’s a reason why I’ve acquired products from other developers over the years - we use the product and need them.

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Dave, sell your software and let the cheap complain :wink:

[quote=68110:@Beatrix Willius]Sometimes I have senior moments. Or I can’t find something. Or I managed to confuse myself. For this I need to ask simple questions. If someones asks the same question again and again then I ignore this, too.

Does anyone remember the guy from the NUG who asked the same question 10 times? [/quote]

Hay! That could have been me. I had a question and did a search and found where I had already ask it and got several replies.

I don’t think anyone expects you to give things away for free. Sounded like Karen was just teasing.

Anyway, if you have a web site I can link to for you products, I’m happy to add them to the 3rd Party product page in the wiki so people can find them. This, of course, goes for anyone else selling software. Just let me know about it and I’ll get a link added. I’m happy to also add free stuff, but I do require a landing page of some sort. I’m not just going to link to a DropBox file to download, for example.

Sure they do Paul … there’s a certain U.S. president and political party that has pushed “redistribution of the wealth” to the point where Dave ought to consider this as an “extension” of that concept … you know, something like “redistribution of the software”. And as I have been reassured so many times in recent years as more and more of my hard earned income is given away (err, excuse me … I meant “redistributed”) to others who choose not to have my work ethic, like me, Dave should just smile and say “thank you” for the opportunity of helping those that are needy (oh, did I leave out the “bend over” part?).

OK, sorry mixing politics and software, but the moment seemed just too good to pass up. And Dave, I assure you, I am being 1000% facetious with my reference to you above … you obviously deserve the fruits of your labor as does anyone who invests their time and skill in something that brings value to others. Unfortunately, there are those that make laws these days that feel otherwise … part of our “gimmee gimmee gimmee” culture that’s taking deeper root each year. Sad, sad, sad :frowning:

Well, to be fair, part of this is due to nature of Xojo users. It’s ‘free’ to use right up until the point where you create a build. So it attracts a lot of hobbyists and part-time developers. Not a bad thing because some will use it professionally eventually, but since they generally don’t have the money to spend to begin with it’s a tough market.

I get it all the time with FTC, Shorts, and other products. “It’s too expensive”. “I can’t afford that.” I get it. Until then you can live with the built-in tools that Xojo gives you. I’m not giving away the source code.

This is not a new issue, btw. Real Studio had the same issue but with the new licensing scheme it may be exacerbated a bit.

I was even more embarrassed once when I had a question, did a search, and found that I had once answered it. :stuck_out_tongue:

For 30 years while I was in industry (mostly as en executive with companies like G.E. and Babcock & Wilcox) I freely spent other people’s money without much thought other than “I was doing what I had to do to do my job properly”. When I started my own business 11 years ago, the TOUGHEST thing I had to learn was “you have top spend money to make money”. You would think that after 30 years I would have learned that. I guess when the “pocket” that the money is taken from becomes your own, lessons learned go out the window and are replaced by “Bar the door, Katie” mentality. However, it didn’t take me long (thank you, Lord) to once again regain my senses (and learning experience).

I can truly say that I haven’t bought a single thing, “software-wise” that I haven’t made far more money on as a result than what I invested from my pocket to begin with. And yep, that goes for the FTC and Shorts software products I bought from Bob Keeney Software too.

My advice to those that think “I can’t afford that” is to say, “if you are going to run a business and it is something that will help you to that end, then you can’t afford NOT to!” Heck, I’d take a loan if required to buy something that I felt would yield a greater return in a reasonable time-frame than the initial investment. Matter of fact, I actually did that once! Doesn’t make sense any other way.

[quote=68194:@Paul Lefebvre]I don’t think anyone expects you to give things away for free. Sounded like Karen was just teasing.
I was… as some may know I sell some code too.

I used to have 2 tiers. Encrypted and source code with the encrypted version being about 1/3rd the price of the source code. The only sales I had were for the source code version so I decided the hassel of selling the encrypted version and having to worry about license keys was not worth it.

Dave, I think it’s a Marketing problem. You have to announce the availability of the product and promote it. I followed your thread, but missed the part about it being “finished”. The other issue, though, is timing. Not everyone who might be interested in the product has a current need. I would be very interested in a PDF creation mechanism, except that I already solved that part of my software through a different third party product and don’t have a need to revisit that piece. I wish you good fortune in selling your code, though. You deserve it.

I believe what he meant was that anonymity makes it easy to be harsh. And that’s why we don’t allow it here.

Not only that but it can take years for people to actually need your product. They might hear about it now and then in two years think, “gosh, where did I see that PDF Renderer?” and Google it. If you don’t have a landing page for it it will be tough to find.

I’ve had that happen to me a lot. I read about how someone did something cool but don’t need it now. Maybe next year I do and I’ll have to hunt it down again. Really sucks to follow old links to files and pages that no longer exist.

If it is bob’s then it is an rv.

I’m not bringing my truck or rv although it would have been a fun trip.
Still too early in the spring to risk it since I’ve seen us get 4 feet of snow then it all melt away the next day.
And horror stories from my parents going through various places in Utah, & Montana at that point in the year & getting caught in a blizzard.

My missus and I were discussing this yesterday after she attended a leadership seminar that tackled just this issue. Apparently it’s an age-related thing. Millennials are far more likely to be vociferous and aggressive than Boomers (I’m one), who tend to be more aware of being polite, rude, etc. This forum contains a large proportion of Boomers (looking at the avatars and recalling the good ol’ days of the mailing list). Perhaps we old-timers have a pacifying effect on the yoots…