I like the style of the xojo help document.

which softeware make it like this?
help manual?

developer.xojo.com was made with http://proprofs.com/knowledgebase/

i meant the help document by desktop software.however,thanks.

Do you mean the built in language reference ?
Thats just our code

yes.i mean the reference…

a bunch of Xojo code is all that is


I liked it, too, until it stopped working for me. Now, it just creates a blank frame behind the IDE and never draws into it or bring it forward. It doesn’t interfere in any way with the IDE, it just doesn’t get completed. BTW, this is on Windows 10, Xojo,2016 R2 and R2.1. I have cleared the caches - no luck. I have uninstalled and reinstalled - still no luck.

As long and the docs are available via my browser, I’m not really too concerned.

OH ???
I cant find any bug reports about this

[quote=284884:@Norman Palardy]OH ???
I cant find any bug reports about this[/quote]
I haven’t filed one since it seems to be fine for other people (at least nobody else has commented on it) so I assume it is just a quirk of my own machine. If others are see the same thing, then a bug report would be warranted.