I just want to say thank you!

I would like to thank the whole Xojo team and everyone who is involved in the developing process of the Xojo IDE.

Even though Xojo has some little bugs and is not 100% complete, it is a great tool to work with!

I enjoy being in this forum and to be part of the community, and I can’t imagine what I would do without Xojo. It saved me a lot of time to not hassle around with other programming languages. It is easy to learn and cross-platform.

I don’t know if you hear this often, but I just want to say thanks!


I disagree that it is not 100% complete because of what I’ve seen. XOJO can make any application/tool needed and just looking at what people have done so far it does show that XOJO is more than production ready and capable.

I’d like to make a shoutout to @Christian_Schmitz and thank him for his MBS Plugins. They really are worth every Euro/Dollar/Pound spent on them. For anyone that wants to boost their productivity and gain access to some really powerful plugins I would highly recommend the MBS Plugin collection.

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Some of the bugs are more than little, but overall my experience with Xojo is by far better than other cross platform tools. This forum community is part of the large value of Xojo as a vast majority of the community are helpful and very knowledgeable.
Whilst I’ve had some frustrations with Xojo over the years, I can’t find anything that comes close to even try to replace it - that alone shows how great the product is.

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