I don’t know …

… if everything that can be done should be done.
“Chair, take me to the kitchen!” – reminds me of the passengers aboard the Wall-E spaceship.


… what the hell I’m doing :frowning:

ha … I’d walk into a meeting, see everyone seated & clap as loud as I can to see who gets crushed :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone had WAY too much time/money on their hands…
Guess I’m old-school (strike the word “old”)…
I don’t want a car that parks itself, or has built in cellphone or Siri…
but then I’d rather ride a motorcycle than drive a car :slight_smile:

ah … a donor :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I have too much fun driving to let a computer do it, especially Google.

I dont trust google
never mind for driving a car
but in general

“dont be evil” has been gone as the motto for some time

“Thanks for choosing Google Car. Unfortunately there is no way to opt-out of selling your location to advertisers. Please enjoy these targeted ads.”


I can probably put two google cars in the bed of my truck - one for sure :stuck_out_tongue:
I really want one of these though