I do not found the SearchField ToolButton

Xojo Desktop 2013r4.1
OS X and Windows XP

In the window screen shot below, I see some Items that I would like to use, but it does not seems to be available in Xojo.
Am I right ?

just because they are built in, does not mean they don’t exist.

maybe you look here for some:

Hi Christian,

Thank you for you kind answer.

So, I must take Xojo as a skeleton base to build application and buy the controls I need to third parties ?
(or write them if I am capable of)

That is not exactly what I was thinking (talking about basic stuff).

At last, a SearchField exists, but for WE applications not for Desktop :frowning:

The SearchField on your screenshot exists only on OSX, it is not x-platform.

However, you are not obliged to buy third-party tools, but you have at least to use declares (use macoslib : https://github.com/macoslib/macoslib/)

For myself I do not regret paying for the Monkeybread plugins. If you want to do things like the toolbar on your screenshot, then they are a big timesaver. The plugins come with many examples from where you quickly enhance your own projects.

You can test for yourself and download the plugins from here:

Once you have downloaded and installed the plugins, you can test the example projects (see example folder).

The one that you might be interested in is this:
/Examples/CocoaControls/Toolbar buttons/Toolbar buttons.xojo_binary_project (screenshot below)

Hi Oliver,

thank you for your answer.

While I searched on my hard disks a sample to draw text around a circle using Object2D (I had that in memory), I found old mails saved with complementary data that talked about Toolbar. This is really a long story (the younger is 7 years old: someone who sold RB Classes that implement ToolBars more evolved than current Xojo). Of course, with a limited numer of employees, you can only do… limited stuff.

As an example, re-read all mails about Palm Pilot: “I really love to have a Palm Pilot application creator in REALbasic…”. iOS will be here (for those who want it) in 2014, and who recalls Palm Pilot nowadays ?

Also, and for the additions I get an eye on (I need and use), each addition to RB / RS / Xojo (no example with Xojo comes to mind), the addition holds ‘service minimum’. Sometimes, some more code is added years after the original addition, but only a few.

I do not talk (above) about third party business, only core FYI, RS, Xojo business.

A last question: what is the Vectorial file type we can use to save Object2D under OS X in 2014 ?

read UserGuide: Framework, page 96, right part of the page.

What is the problem with the pict file type ?
It was deprecated in … Lion ?
It is a QuickDraw object file
(and so, it will be readed as bitmap, I think / not tested).

BTW: I fall far away from the ToolBar question.

Yes, in my yesterday’s quest, I found it and it seems to have everything I want. I have to:

a. Find a way to use it in my project,
b. Find a Windows counter part for the Windows compiled application.

Think what you want, but using a ToolBar is much more fun (nice) than using a set of PushButtons (think at a DataBase application for example).

Look at Xojo (the IDE) own splash screen (where you choose a previously open project, create a new one, etc.).
I really love the concept even if it can be pushed away abit more (add more data in the third column [the rightmost column] for example).

A quest with (Barney) Google leads me to find:

Date: Sun Feb 21, 2010
Text: “The RB toolbar is…limited.”

Action since then: None.