I´d like to get some feedback on my Customized Listbox

Hi there,

I´m a hobby programmer and would like to get some feedback about my new customized Listbox to be found on the link below. The perfomance on an SQLite Database is quite fast with even 30.000 rows and 20 columns.

Following features are already implemented in v0.8b:

  • Customize all colors of headers, rows, text, etc.
  • Customize Header font(fontstyle) and fontsize
  • Customize alternating color rows
  • Customize Border frames of headers and rows
  • Customize separator lines between columns
  • Load data from different sources like manually, CSV files (with and without headers), SQLite3 Databases, MySQL Databases
    All of a.m. options could be configured either by code or by the object inspector
  • Resizing of columns by Mousedrag
  • Customizing type of data inside columns and sort function for numbers and dates (different formats)
  • PopupMenu on right click of headers brings up following features:
  • Export to CSV (with and without header)
  • Show All
  • Sort ASC
  • Sort DESC
  • Filterfunction with list of all unique items per column to be filtered for
  • PopupMenu onright click of rows brings up aditional information of the respctive selectd column like Sum, Average, Itemcount (rows), Max value, Min value

This is all for now. Hope you enjoy.

What it can´t do up to now (working on it) since I call it “FeatureRichListbox”:

  • Horizontal scrolling
  • Filter/Sort over multiple columns
  • Some user specific date/time formats (can be added easily)
  • Selection of columns to be displayed

What do you think?

Download and instructions to be found here:

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Finally had some time to have a look:

  • Protected code: normally this is insta-delete. Why? If there is a problem with the code and the author isn’t there anymore the code is dead.
  • Okay, I have a look after all. The code wants the MySQL plugin. If the code weren’t protected I could edit this myself. Do I want to install the plugin? No, thanks.
  • So I want to write the author a nice mail. No note with contact information. The website doesn’t have an imprint. There isn’t even an email address.