I can't longer open my iOS project

Hi to all.
When I open my iOS project Xojo says: “This application has encountered a fatal problem and must de shut down”.
Appears 3/4 times, I can “ignore” or “Report Now”, but in both cases I can no longer work with my project.

I see my Views, but I can’t see the code written.

The last step I did was to put a iOSCustomTableCell, surely in the wrong way because I was doing the tests. But I had no such errors. I have saved, closed Xojo, and when I opened the errors appear.

Is important, I will not begin writing the project again!

I am not sure this is related to iOS but more the IDE. I am on Windows 10, writing a Windows app and after upgrading to 2016R4.1 I get this message quite often when trying to open my projects. Sometimes it happens and sometimes not. The same project file may or may not open.

In my case the Report/Ignore dialog cannot be closed. Hitting either button just opens the same dialog again and again. I have to start Task Manager and kill Xojo. Opening the same project after the kill works (without machine reboot). This does not seem to be related to a specific project but I have noticed it “more” on larger projects. When these load the IDE flashes and the tabs flip open then after it looks like it is nearly complete the dialog opens. If the project loads successfully I have no issues in the IDE thereafter.

I wonder if while the project is loaded and something is done in the IDE (mouse movement, loss of control focus, etc.) it causes this. Pure speculation on my part. I can’t reliably duplicate this but if I had to guess it happens about 40% of the time when loading a project.

Anyway, just one more data point.

File a private bug report
And attach the project
I’ll look at it

There’s not much help I can offer otherwise

[quote=305267:@Norman Palardy]File a private bug report
And attach the project
I’ll look at it

There’s not much help I can offer otherwise[/quote]

Yes that is what I suspected. I’ll spend some more time trying to replicate it so I can provide more input. The project opens fine most of the time. I don’t believe it related to the project file at all. Maybe there are other user experiences that could provide more insight although I haven’t seen many reports on the forums.

Try recovering a previous version from a backup and see if that fixes it.

Hi Gabriele,

This also happened to me and usually happens when you move/delete some external files such as pictures.

I was able to fix one of my projects by moving it to a completely different folder (Desktop for example).
Then open it in Xojo, there might be some warnings about some external files that can’t be found.
Save the project under a new name, then place it back in the original folder.