I can't get xojo to use a dylib

Here is my quandary, I got a dynamic library from a hardware vendor which he swears works with Xojo. When I try his sample program I get a failure when the code tries to read a routine from the library. The error is “Unable to access library”.
I have checked the path to the library, the spelling of the library name…all looks good.
I even moved the library to /usr/lib…still no joy.

What I am wondering is if there is some command or other linkage that I am missing to get Xojo to be able to see and access a library?

Thanks for your time, patience and help.


Privileges on the dylib perhaps ?
What platform ? (I assume linux or os x when you say /usr/lib/…)
Case sensitive file system ?

There’s a whole bunch of reasons why this might not work, Norman’s listed a few, but I can also add, is the library 32-Bit, 64-Bit, PPC or FAT?

Does the library work? Could it be a failure, check the console to find out.