I Cannot Log Into Feedback - Can You?

Just as the title implies: I’m unable to connect to feedback this morning. Anyone else seeing problems?

When I try to log in, it goes to the “Logging In…” screen with a progress bar that stops halfway and stays that way… I left it for a few minutes, but it appears locked up.

Huh… whelp, I just tried it again and it’s working now. False alarm, I guess.

might want to submit a feedback report… (ducking)

honestly… I gave up on Feedback years ago

If you’re ever having trouble reaching a site on the internet, I usually check the following sites:

DownForEveryone checks the url you are trying to reach from another location.
DownDetector is a good indicator of whether there general outages with a particular service provider.

And what URL should we use for Feedback.app?

Web edition of feedback confimed? :smiley:

it does not. Feedback provides URLs with both http:// and feedback:// protocols for sharing purposes.

For instance, these two get you to the same place: