I broke Bash

To all the Ubuntu geeks out there, I used to have my Ubuntu 14 terminal come up with the ‘$’ prompt running all terminal commands. Then I wrote an init script (plus other things) that has turned my prompt into a ‘#’ instead! It runs some commands, but not all.

I have tried to search the internet to determine what I’ve done as I cannot seem to reverse it, but searching for ‘dollar’ and ‘hash’ only gives me dope sites!

What is it that I have done? And can it be reversed without rebuilding?!

I’m not a Linux geek but something like this here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizingBashPrompt?

Hi David,

Here is a companion link to what Beatrix posted:

How to Customize your Bash Prompt on a Linux VPS

The relevant text:
Note the $ at the end. This signifies that the shell is a normal user shell. For the root user, this is replaced with a # to differentiate and make you aware that you are operating with elevated privileges.

If you run the whoami command, does it show that you are logged in as root?

Thank you Beatrix and Thomas. I am definitely running as root. I didn’t know the prompt changed when I did this. It’s just that some commands no longer run in this mode, but this must be a path issue.