HTTPSocket won't download file

I believe I have set up the HTTPSocket control properly but when I pass

HTTPDownload.Get(url, f)

it just creates a Zero byte file (in the proper location) and continues executing code

Basically I have it set up to download a resource file if it doesn’t exist. The web address is good as I have tested it with the HTTPSocket Example file and it does download. There has to be something so simple I’m not thinking of.

Edit: Figured it out. I didn’t realize that it would continue executing code even though it didn’t actually start downloading yet. I have rearranged my a bit to only execute when the DownloadComplete fires.

I’m replying not because I have an answer for you, but because I had the same problem. I was trying to implement the Kaju auto-update class. I could get the file I needed every time using the HTTPSocket example from the Xojo folder, but when I tried it in my app, I got only an empty DL’ed file. The name was correct. Just no content. I had to abandon the implementation of Kaju because of it. Interested to see if you get any responses.

You must subclass HTTPSOCKET and implement the DOWNLOADCOMPLETE event

I don’t know what subclassing means or how to do it. I already had the DownloadComplete Event added and with code