HTTPSocket Weird behavior


This is very strange. This only happens on a Mac.

I have an HTTPSocket on a form.

I’m calling HTTPSocket.Get(mDownloadURL, downloadFile), this downloads from a file on our server. It’s in our auto update.

When you hit the button that launches this, it starts downloading for a second or two. Then if you move the mouse within the same window it continues to download,

If you stop moving the mouse it pauses. Start moving it and it starts up again.

If you don’t touch it at all it will eventually download.

I have this in the RecieveProgress event:

 If totalBytes<>0 Then
    DownloadProgress.Value = (bytesReceived / totalBytes) * 100
  End If

Anybody have any ideas???

Thanks Rich

do you have


before you get?

Sounds like it could be related to <> ?

I have an Xojo program that does almost exactly what the OP describes and it works perfectly.
Downloads a zip file, unzips it…

Thanks setting Yield to False fixed it!


Well I spoke to soon, it only fixes it when running in the IDE.

Does anybody else have any ideas?