HttpSocket SendRequest not found

Mac OS 10.11

previouly i was using HTTPSocket.Send(“GET”, URL as string) and it was working fine under 10.10
after an upgrade to 10.11 the “send” is no longer working

i have subclassed HttpSocket out in order to handle the “PageReceived” event
HTTPGetPage is a subclass for Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket

the problem is in the manual only shows HTTPSOCKET.GET or HTTPSOCKET.SENDREQUEST are the only methods close to what i was using prior. however the compiler reports them as a “member not found”.

this code reports as member not found
rtnStatus = mySock.SendRequest(“GET”, url as string) as Boolean

this code compiles but does nothing
mySock.Send(“GET”, url.ToText)

please advise , maybe i am using the wrong socket ?

i was using the wrong class
i got it.