HttpSocket IOS

I am a total beginner with Xojo (formerly VB, PHP) I wonder if it is possible to easily use http socket for IOS in the same way as for example. OSX / WIN.

which in this example.
Gladly some simple examples
Thanks // Micke

Dim form As the Dictionary
Dim socket1 As New Http Socket

// Create and populate the object shape
shape = New Dictionary
form.Value (“firstname”) = “Bob”
form.Value (“lastname”) = “Brown”

// Setup the socket to POST the form
socket1.SetFormData (form)
socket1.Post (“”)

You’d do it like this:

[code]’ Build form text
Dim formText As Text = “firstName=Bob&lastName=Roberts”

’ Convert to MemoryBlock
Dim postData As Xojo.Core.MemoryBlock
postData = Xojo.Core.TextEncoding.UTF8.ConvertTextToData(formText)

’ POST it
MyHttpSocket.SetRequestContent(postData, “application/x-www-form-urlencoded”)
MyHttpSocket.Send(“POST”, “”)[/code]

Great, thanks. It works.