HTTPSocket hangs

I saw another post about socket 1.0/1.1 problems, but don’t know if this is related…

I can connect to (and others) and get a response.

If I try to connect to my connection hangs.

HTMLViewer displays the page OK.

Is it possible there’s something on that page to stop me downloading data?

It’s possible that they don’t allow connections if you don’t have a valid user agent.

Hi Greg,

I forgot to mention I’d tried that, too. :frowning:


I had a similar issue few months back. Due to lack of time, I switched to curlMBS which has worked perfectly. I do recall a feedback case on this but since I’m on an ipad at the moment I can’t link it.


I couldn’t find a feedback that sounded like the same problem, however you did remind me that I have Christian’s Java plugin, so I did it that way instead.