HTTPSocket.Get is Synchronously Broke

Dim Socket As New HTTPSocket MsgBox Socket.Get("", 10)

This worked before the 2012r1.1 point release, and I notice that Paul raised the problem in case 22823, but it was closed as being “by design”. So does that mean the feature is being officially deprecated? If so, why isn’t it in the documentation? And… does that mean all HTTP retrieval is forced to be asynchronous in the future?


I suspect that if you examine how google responds its replying as if it expects an HTTP 1.1 client despite the socket saying it is 1.0.

Interesting, you’re quite right. I was wrong. It has nothing to do with synchronous or asynchronous, but is an HTTP issue. Honestly, I don’t know much about HTTP sockets. Is this an issue on your end, Google’s, or both? Should the HTTPSocket support HTTP 1.1?

you may say that the HTTPSocket is very outdated.
It needs to be updated to use http 1.1

1.1 would be nice to support but that also implies persistent connections & a few other bits that present some interesting challenges.

If servers just behaved correctly with a 1.0 response when they are talking to a 1.0 client I’d be happy.
They’re not & are holding the connection open which is wrong - that’s what makes the problem happen.
The 1.0 client doesn’t realize that the server has actually sent everything because it doesn’t close the connection :slight_smile:

Can you just fix the Internet? :smiley:

Is it possible to pass along what has been received upon timeout, as opposed to dumping it?

That could still be delayed quite a bit
We’ll have to see