HTTPSocket causes IDE to crash

I have an app that uses a single HTTPSocket on a form to get data from a web page. The socket has some simple code in the PageReceived event to put the text it found into a control.
The app compiles, runs and works perfectly. However, when I exit the debug version busy running in the IDE, the whole IDE crashes with an unclear message (“There was a problem”), even if I have not called the code which uses the HTTPSocket. If I simply remove the socket and the line of code that calls it - DataSocket.get(MyUrlString) - the IDE crash doesnt happen.
If I build the app to stand alone, it works fine and does not appear to cause any problems when exiting.
One last thing that makes me think its not the control itself: the examples provided with Xojo do not cause the crash.
Does anyone have any ideas?
I am using: XOJO Desktop 2015r1 on Mac OS X 10.10.3
Thank you!

I’m not sure. Does it still crash on a non-beta version of OS X?

A reproducible sample project attached to a Feedback case would be helpful.