Hi Jason.

I am currently using a web service to install configuration profiles on the device through Safari, but it requires Internet connection, and can be kind of slow. Competitors use localhost. THis could be possible with an HTTPServerSocket, but the feature request I filed <> does not have much success. I even posted a link to a Swift project I found but was not able to make work.

How complex would it be to create such an object ? Is it at all possible ?



can you publish the link of the swift project?

It would be pretty complex, and currently not possible since it uses GCD which is unsupported and apparently dangerous.

I suspected it may not be that simple, and this conversation tends to confirm it : where they talk about different libraries, saying that is the best solution. Since we cannot use C libraries, I guess the Xojo web service will be my only choice, then.

Thank you Jason.

@andreas overmeyer : See on the feature request I linked to for the Swift Github.