HTTPSecureSocket trouble while converting Windows app to OSX

In the conversion from Windows to OSX of my app, I can’t seem to get the HTTPSecureSocket to work. I receive httpstatus 404 (page not found) on OSX, but I use the same URL as on the windows machine. ( In safari, the page is found. I receive the error in the PageReceived() event.

Extra info: is a CodeIgnitor php page that is used to do some XML-RPC.

Note: I also tried the SSLSocket.TLSv1 trick, same problem.

You may need to set the user agent then.

socket1.requestHeaders.AppendHeader("User-Agent","...copied from Safari...")

Oh… Try the URLs with HTTPS:// instead of HTTP://

Just to close this case: I had opened the project by accident in 2013r2. Once I opened it in 2041r2.1, no changes needed to be made.