HTTPSecureSocket.SendProgress broken?

Using HTTPSecureSocket.SendProgress event to drive a simple ‘% of transfer complete’ UI control appears to be broken.

To be more specific, create a very simple subclass of HTTPSecureSocket called HTTPSecureSocket_e2.

Then run the following code in a pushbutton action event, and monitor the SendProgress event firing:

[code] object1=new HTTPSecureSocket_e2

dim dat as string = “TEST”

do until dat.lenb>20000000

object1.SetRequestContent dat,“application/x-www-form-urlencoded”""[/code]

Problem :

SendProgress fires a few hundred times in the first second, and then nothing happens for 30 seconds while the data is actually sending.

So any ‘% of transfer complete’ UI message goes to 100% almost instantly, and remains there for the entire duration of the send.

However, for non-secure uploads, HTTPSocket.SendProgress works perfectly well.

Has anyone managed to make this work for subclasses of HTTPSecureSocket?

Is this bug present in current editions yet? No one responded Thomas. Last time I’ve checked, it was, and as a plus, the parameters BytesSent and BytesLeft were unusable presenting inconsistent values like, bytes left, from start to end, sending, were like: 0, 0, 0, 16000, 8000, 0, 0. Any “sending” seemed to have 2 parts, a fake part, firing those events superfast, like caching a “todo” in memory, and the real part, the real sending job, were ocurring for a looong time in background, mute, not a single real SendProgress event with real “BytesSent” reported, so you cant show a progress bar uploading a few megabytes file for example, it seemed sending… Wow! Gone! Wait… it seems frozen… It’s not responding… for 10 seconds already…
I’ve found the bug Thomas reported while trying to send an email with an attachment using SMTPSecureSocket and after the “100%” it took ages until receiving the final “MailSent” event and the routine seemed broken, with the program hanging, but it wasn’t.