HTTPSecureSocket Put

I know HTTPSecureSocket are deprecated but is there a proper way to do a put? Can’t find it in the docs and can’t search for “put” on here because it’s 3 characters and doesn’t show up in the first page of search results.

URLConnection.Send(“Put”, url) would seem to work

I’m working in an older project that uses HTTPSecureSocket. The options for that seem to only be Get or Post. IS there any way to do a Put using HTTPSecureSocket?

It wasnt apparent to me you werent using a version of Xojo where URLConnection was possible
I dont know that you have an option as I’m not sure you could replace the POST http header with a PUT one

You can try

Dim myHttp as New HTTPSecureSocket Dim strRet as String = myHttp.SendRequest("PUT", url,2)

Looks like a working example here: