HTTPSecureSocket & IDE

I want a HTTPSecureSocket on a window (Desktop project). It seems I need to add a class to the project, set it’s super to HTTPSecureSocket & drag it onto the window. I can then change the super in the inspector & delete the class. I thought to circumvent this process by dragging a TCPSocket onto the window & changing it’s super, but the inspector doesn’t update with the super change so I can’t set the secure flag etc.

This seems to be a lot of mucking around for what should be a simple process. Perhaps just adding HTTPSocket & HTTPSecure socket to the controllers section of the navigator would be the best fix.

If dragging an TSPSocket (or object or canvas or anything else) onto the window and changing its Super doesn’t work, that is a serious regression/bug. File a feedback report.

I recently ran into an issue where changing the super of a Control (in this case, from PushButton, to my PushButton subclass called cPushButton) did not trigger the Inspector pane to update, so I was unable to edit the properties that my subclass has set for Inspector behavior. This is something that Xojo seems to frequently have trouble with that RB did not. I can’t remember what I did exactly to fix it, I think it was some combination of changing the superclass away then back, and/or closing the window editor in the IDE then re-opening. Definitely frustrating.

Trivial to reproduce, in fact:


29756 - Changing the Superclass of a Socket doesn’t update the Inspector

Follow these steps:

  • new desktop project
  • drag a TCPSocket to the window
  • in the Inspector, click the Pencil icon on the Super-class editor, and change the super to HTTPSecureSocket

Expected Result

  • the inspector should update to show the properties of the HTTPSecureSOcket class

Actual Results

  • the inspector still seems to think it’s a TCPSocket

closing the window editor, then opening the window editor in a new tab seems to refresh it.

This is probably the same bug as reported June 12th:
27343 - When changing the super class in the inspector, the inspector does not update to new super class properties

Begin Grumpy - is it just me, or is it kind of nuts that a rather important piece of functionality is broken and was reported, and verified, over three months ago with apparently zero action taken since then. Based on the dates, 27343 would have been reported back with 2013 R1, or perhaps a beta for R2? And if you read inside 27343, you see a link to 19905 which was reported back in January 2012!

This seems like something the bug reporting/tracking system should not be allowing.

End grumpy

Michael, There are over 175 changes and fixed in R3, including some big ones that really make the IDE’s Navigator more usable for everyone. Not all bugs are fixed. It seems like every time you run into a bug that hasn’t been fixed, you get grumpy about it. If all of us did that, we would be drowning in grump. Generally, all this stuff is improving. Let it improve.

I was told that sleep was overrated …

Dear Mr. Sunshine:
There are only two things in life make me grumpy:

  • longstanding bugs that have been reported and verified over 18 months ago
  • regressions that weren’t caught during beta testing
  • off by one errors


I’ve asked that 27343 and 29756 be merged (I can’t merge 19905 since it’s not public).

It’s still worth telling us about it, we can link them together behind the scenes. :slight_smile: