HTTPS + multi-users + Pgsql - now supported ?

I need to make sure about this before jumping in the pool - it’s about a public server accessed by modern browsers.

Does Xojo allows a stable production of a webapp using Https + a Postgresql DB and multi-users/sessions accesses ?

*The Xojo Pdf Doc I found (5.5) mentions about HTTPS : Https automatic root certificate discovery (4.5 – experimental)
I’m not too sure what is experimental (4.5 ?)
Tks to Pgs users !

Standalone mode does not support SSL. However using it as CGI behind a web server will enable SSL.

WE supports multiple users. Each session can access PostgreSQL.

Hope that helps.

Tks Phillip,
Isn’t standalone meant for Desktop type Application only ?
Are there 2 modes for running Xojo made Webapp on a Public server : Standalone + Shared…

Yes, there are 2 modes: Standalone and CGI. Both have advantages and disadvantages. You can use a reverse proxy such as nginx to get SSL (and load balancing) for standalone.

Ok, so if I go for CGI I get the SSL working with https and a DB for several users.
I want to avoid reverse proxy etc…
(I’m not interested with a Standalone use, as I understand it will only serve 1 user/admin editor)

Standalone and CGI both support multiple users. If you have an existing Apache setup then CGI is easiest.