Http Socket Error Message

Hello Everyone,

I am using Xojo 2019r.31 but the same error I get it when I use Xojo 2016r3.
When I use Xojo.Net.HttpSocket to Get Service Bus Messages I receive an error saying

Error occurred while receiving response from server

Has anyone faced something like this and tell me what this error means because I did not found anything on the Internet.

Thank you in advance.

on what OS ?

sounds like the error you get when the server requires an httpS connection instead of an http one
this is something that most servers have required for a while now

Hey Norman,

On Windows. I use Https on the Url because it is a Azure Service Bus Url to Get Queue Messages using Http Delete request.
When I Receive this error, most of the times I lose a Service Bus Message and that’s why I am searching this. should handle http and https so that may not be it

azure looks like it should permit either http or https - personally I’d prefer https urls but …
and maybe use the same for everything so if you start with an https url then use all https urls

what version of Windows ?
I wonder if the version of TLS that can be used is an issue ?
TLS 1.2 isnt supported on Windows 7 without some tweaks (see the doc pages for this)

but that error almost seems to be on the client end but it danged ambiguous
are you calling the synchronously or async ?


The application is working on windows 7 32bit, 64bit and windows 10 both too.
I am calling it asynchronous.
My problem is that I cannot understand what this error means and where to look in order to find out what is going on.