HTTP Socket / Compression

I am using the HTTP Socket control and it works great but have now added the header to tell the server that I support compression. The results come back much quicker but they are in compressed format as the HTTP Socket does not uncompress the data coming back. Has anyone got any ideas how I can decompress the data that is being returned in my Xojo code. Thanks

Use GZip from MBS to do it manually, or even better, use RB-LibCURL which will automatically handle compression, redirects, cookies and more.

Our CURL plugin also does automatic decompression.

I am using the Curl plugin now but cannot see how to tell it to use compression as the results appear to be slow coming back as if compression is not on.

c.OptionAcceptEncoding = “deflate”

you can pass deflate, gzip or identity here.

Thanks that is now working great.