http response headers with colon truncated

Using XOJO 2019r3—Does anyone have a workaround suggestion for a bug in retrieving a response header with a colon in it? I’ve tried it in Xojo.Net.HttpSocket and URLConnection. Any header response, such as Date, is truncated at a colon. For example, the Date header returned that should look like “Mon, 30 Dec 2019 18:55:25 GMT” is returned as “Mon, 30 Dec 2019 18” by the methods Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket.ResponseHeader(“Date”) or URLConnection.ResponseHeader(“Date”).

I have put it in as a bug report last month (still listed as needs review), but I need to be able to receive headers from Microsoft Azure’s REST API that contain URLs. Getting back “https” instead of something like" isn’t very helpful.

I can’t think of anything off the top of my head, using the new iterator and iterating over the headers doesn’t yield a different answer either I’m afraid. Now you’ve just added a demo project clearly showing the problem it should hopefully get picked up and fixed pretty quickly, @William Yu might be able to work his magic and squeeze something in for the next release, fingers crossed.


@ , Thanks for taking a look. I appreciate the effort.

(]Feedback case #58697 has been sitting as reproducible for a few weeks. Does anyone know what the schedule is for the next release? I’m dead in the water with an important project and I hate to have to redo a whole bunch of code in addition to purchasing a commercial plug-in to fix something that should have been caught a while back.

Weeks is nothing - there are reproducible cases on lists that have been sitting significantly longer
Xojo wont tell you when the next release is but there are hints that suggest one sometime at or after the Xojo.Connect conference in late march

It’s probably doing something like

Dim name As String = NthField(header, ":", 1) Dim value As String = NthField(header, ":", 2) //rookie mistake

Not that it helps you to know that.

is this on windows only ?
or does this occur on macOS as well ?

nm - I see the reviewer has found it seems to be Windows only

Big Smile!! Just reported as fixed!!!. Thanks, William Yu!! I’ll be waiting for it to be tested and implemented in the next release. I’ll keep plugging away at the rest of the project code now. Maybe I’ll break out a dusty Mac to test those pieces now that it’s possibly going to be included in the next release. Unfortunately, I have to deliver a Windows version so this was a show stopper.