on iPad: useless

It doesn’t leave a good impression if your documentation isn’t working … especially when it’s something as basic as scrolling a webpage …

See for example

[P.S. I usually use Dash]

Also notice that the breadcrumbs near the top of the page don’t work.

The classic pages that use iframes cannot be scrolled when you display the mobile site. They can be scrolled if you request the desktop site, which also looks better on iPad in my opinion. Just hold down the refresh icon in the address bar and choose “request desktop site”.

@Paul Lefebvre: I have more concerns about the Google Translate integration. So Google knows what I am reading?

I have no idea what you mean by this.

With integrating Google Translate on Xojos Documentation each User has to accept Google collecting his data in the background. I do not have any problems with this because my firewall is blocking all this creepy ad- and tracking stuff away but man others may have concerns.

Sometime that works, but all too often it does not. Which seems to be a trend these days in web design - looks great, shame about the functionality. The classic pages were more informative and most important they always worked.

second this. and classic pages were not so intrusive on privacy…

Privacy on classic docs vs new docs in comparison, get rid of annoying analytics, tracker and profiling stuff. you already have server log files.

piwik is your friend

If you know of pages where it does not work, let me know. The CSS was changed within the past month to make the iframe scrolling work on tablets when the desktop site is displayed; before that I don’t believe it scrolled properly at all. The direct link to the page in the wiki is also on all the classic doc pages now should you want to bring it up in its own tab.

Looks like a job for an iPhone/iPad app. Anyone know how to make one of those?

Joseph made a good statement. The docs would be a perfect enviroment for a RESTful XOJO WebApp serving iPads, Windows, Macs and Linux Clients.