HTTP codes from a desktop app

hi folks,

having done a few little database tools with Xojo left and right, the time has now come for me to try to do more serious stuff with it, and use it to create little apps for my team members at work. We recently started working on some SCORM web-based training stuff and want to move our 500+ course library from LMS storage to cloud storage (for the moment we are going with AWS but that might change).
At this time the team has uploaded all the video files into the cloud and now I want to build something that would tell me if all these video’s @ AWS are actually reachable.
Working on a Mac at home, but Windows at work, i didn’t want to go with wget or curl that are natively available on Mac but not on Windows I thought that HTTPSockets or related could help me out.
but i’m stuck.

So basically i would like to generate a list of URLs where their respective HTTP codes (200 for reachable, 404 as the most interesting for this exercise), in a windows Desktop App. The full list of video URL are known, i just want to add a column with some status codes next to it.

Any idea where i might want to start?
Something with getheaders() perhaps?


Use a listbox with 2 columns. URL and HTTPStatus

Use a thread and with a for loop visit every URL with HTTPSocket, and put the HTTPSocket.HTTPStatusCode in the HTTPStatus column.

And yeah, you can use GetHeaders instead of Get.

thanks Ashot,
i must have been looking at the HTTPSocket docs page for quite some time and for the life of me, i just did not see the HTTPStatusCode property, so i thought i had to do some fancy coding to get those codes out.
I’m not up to speed with threads yet, but now know where to start. thanks!