HTTP 1.1

Does the classic framework HTTPSocket support HTTP 1.1 or is that only offered by Net.HTTPSocket? I’m just concerned about starting a project using any new framework classes given Xojo’s ambiguous announcement about API 2.0.

NOTE: If you need HTTP 1.1 support, use Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket instead.

and read the table below Class Constants ?

Urgh. I was afraid that was the case. Here’s hoping Xojo retrofit HTTP 1.1 to the classic framework…

I expect the Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket to be renamed to become a permanent member of the classic framework, and the existing HTTPSocket to be deprecated. I bet you’ll have an easier time migrating from Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket to API 2.0’s version, than from classic HTTPSocket.

What I think about the change, if there is HTTPSocket and Xojo.Net.HTTPSocket, I will try to put:

Using Xojo.Core

at the top of a method, and when the new 2.0 framework debut with backward compatibility with both old and new frameworks I could just remove the Using statement to use the 2.0 HTTPSocket with extra features from the new framework that the old framework doesn’t have/use.

I hope this make sense.

It won’t actually be that simple. Write code based on what you have today.