I use HTMLViewer on the Mac OS (Webkit), i realize that the page settings are saved but I do not know the location of the cookies?

Just a heads up, HTMLViewer.Renderer does not do anything on Mac.

Per-app cookies are stored in ~/Library/Cookies sorted by identifier.
I’m not sure if that applies to Xojo or not, it’d be worth checking.

Yes, i found the per-app cookie, if i delete the file, so the file is allways restored when i start my app… I search a way to save a specific site cookie and order to use the cookie then again.

you may need to look on the NSHTTPCookieStorage class.

e.g. via MBS Plugin:

Christian, do you have a plugin with mail and webkit support on both plattforms Mac - Win, and Cookie Managment?

I have several plugins.

For Windows with Webkit:

for Mac:

for Linux:

and a blog post about it:

It’s possible to execute a javascript with Chromium? I must only set Fields, its a way on Chromium?

see here:

there is a function to execute javascript