I have a htmlviewer with which I am making my own html doc and showing it in. I also have another I use as a table to show a bunch of rows of data. I know I can make links etc in the table but I am unsure how I can make the clickable links call a method in my app.

Is this possible and if so, how?


AFAIK, you need to additionally download the content with a httpsocket.
On Windows you can grab the content with MBS Plugins.

How would I download the content of a link that is clicked?

You can intercept links in the CancelLoad event.

I dont even see a cancelload event listed? Where is it?

Why would you go through an external HTML link to call a method in your app ? Why not create your table with a WebListBox or buttons in your app, for instance ?

We make use of it in the local LR so it behaves in the same way the online one does

In an HTMLViewer on a Windows you can implement the Cancel Load event of the HTMPViewer and then inspect the URL being passed to “go to” and do whatever you want

I looked for the Cancel Load Event but cannot find it?

You should have titled your post ‘WebHTMLViewer’. No CancelLoad there.

If it really is a web app, then have the links point to your app’s Special url.

Yes I could have mentioned that but figured since its in the web channel it would be self explanatory.