HTMLviewer: where do files loaded by the HTML need to go?

The HTML I put in the HTMLviewer contains such as:


I have added the files referred to to the project, and under macOS, both for debugging and production, the files referred to are found and used as intended.

Under Windows, however, although a MyApp Resources folder is created for production, or DebugMyApp Resources when debugging, which contains the files, it looks like they are not found when the HTML is rendered and the and elements are processed. I know this or something like it has been referred to in previous posts, but I can’t find anything relevant. Interestingly, the Resources folder also contains lots of images which are found and used (both prod and debug) when the app runs.

The method I use to load the HTML into the HTMLViewer is as follows:

[code]Dim myXFile As Xojo.IO.Folderitem, mytext As TextInputStream, mystr as String, myFile As FolderItem, msg As Text

myXFile = Xojo.IO.SpecialFolder.GetResource (“myhtmlfile.html”)

if (myXFile.Exists=false) then
msg = “HTML file '” + + “’ doesn’t exist”
writeLog (msg, “Initialise”, “IN”, app.debugfl)
return false
end if

myFile = GetFolderItem (myXfile.Path, FolderItem.PathTypeNative)

mytext = TextInputStream.Open (myFile)
mytext.Encoding = Encodings.UTF8
mystr = mytext.ReadAll ()

myHTMLviewer.LoadPage (mystr, myFile)

return true[/code]

Any clue as to how to solve this for Windows appreciated.