HTMLViewer text copy

Is it possible to copy the contents of the HTMLViewer with Ctrl-C like command?

From which platform ?

Excuse me, OSX. I think Applescript will do the trick.

You can also get the HTML source with routines described in save that to disk and convert to TXT, RTF or DOC using Textutil through a shell.

Hi Michel,
could you explain about TextUtil?


Is it not possible to use the Keydown event ?

Or is your question about getting the source from HtmlViewer

[quote=76327:@John Hansen]Is it not possible to use the Keydown event ?

Or is your question about getting the source from HtmlViewer[/quote]
No, not the source, that’ easy. I want to programmatically do Command-A Command-C

As far as I remember AppleScript can do this or pressky from .

TextUtil is an OS X command line that converts between RTF, RTFD, DOC, DOCX, ODT, TXT, HTML, WORDML (XML), WEBARCHIVE.

So from the command line or from a shell converting the HTML source to RTF would be done as :

TextUtil -convert rtf -output myfile.rtf myfile.html

You can get all the commands by typing man TextUtil.

I use textutil in my apps though a shell. It is fast and reliable.


I will look into that.

[code]Sub Action()
'get html source
dim s as string
dim h as new HTTPSocket

'write the html to a file
dim f as folderitem = Specialfolder.Temporary.Child(“myfile.html”)
dim t as TextOutputStream = TextOutputStream.Create(f)
t.Write s

'Convert to TXT with Textutil
dim theshell as new shell
dim f2 as folderitem = Specialfolder.Temporary.Child(“myfile.txt”)
theshell.Execute("textutil -convert txt -output “+f2.Shellpath+” "+f.ShellPath)

'Load TXT in TextArea
dim t2 as TextInputStream = TextInputStream.Open(f2)
if t2 <> nil then
//Read all of t2 into TextArea1.text
TextArea1.Text = t2.readAll // field is passed as a TextArea
msgbox(“Error opening file”)
end if
End Sub

I used TXT because normal RTF load time is too long.

Hi Michel,

Thanks for the code. Very kind. I will test it tomorrow.


Works like a charm!

In the Menu: Edit->Copy’s Menu Handler code add the following code:


Select the text and press Ctrl+C
The text gets copied to the clipboard

It work like a charm.

Well, Siva,I am afraid what you posted twice is simply the standard way the system works, without the need for any additional JavaScript.